Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Lisa Chegini completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Contemporary Studies in 2011 at Wilfrid Laurier University, and completed her Juris Doctorate in 2016 at Florida Coastal School of Law. Lisa has always been passionate about law and helping people, which is why she has been in the legal field for 13 years, since 2010 when she started as a legal assistant.

This passion to help others is what also motivated Lisa to focus purely on family law for her legal practice. Lisa’s natural affinity for law was further confirmed when as a law student her brief for the Second District Court of Appeals in Florida was granted oral arguments and resulted in a partial reversal.

Lisa has extensive litigation experience having argued a variety of issues in both the Superior and Ontario Court of Justice, including various motions and trial. Lisa focuses on her clients to both guide them through the pitfalls of the family law process and maximize their opportunities to achieve their objectives. For these reasons, Lisa’s sincere approach to family law has garnered rave reviews and great rapport with her clients.

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